• Year 8 Parents Evening January 23rd
  • Sixth Form Opportunities Evening 2018




Y8 Parents Evening January 23rd

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from Monday 8/1/187 until  Wednesday 17/1/18 

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appointments please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or ring the school on 01492 532025

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Thursday Feb 1st



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Yn dilyn achos mawr o’r Frech Goch yn Ewrop, ac achos llai yng Nghasnewydd a Thorfaen, rydym yn codi ymwybyddiaeth ar frys  o bwysigrwydd brechu yn erbyn y frech goch ymysg pobl ifanc.  Mae hi’n bwysig bod staff, myfyrwyr a phlant sy’n dychwelyd i’r ysgol ar ôl gwyliau’r haf wedi cael y ddau ddos o’r brechiad MMR.

Following a large outbreak of Measles in Europe, and a smaller local outbreak in Newport and Torfaen, we are urgently raising awareness of the importance of vaccination against measles in young people.  It is important that staff, students and children returning to school after the summer break are up to date with two doses of MMR vaccine.