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Thursday, 08 February 2018 10:32

Coming soon: Return To The Forbidden Planet Featured

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This year the Eirias Summer production will be Return to The Forbidden Plannet.

For all the information regarding the rock and roll spectacular check out the video.


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  • Eirias music and drama visit to London for Matilda experience


    By Head Girl of 6th form, Lauren Tansley

    With it being my last year in Ysgol Eirias, I was certain that I would go on the London trip one last time and all I can say is that I had an amazing time.

    Matilda had some of the best choreography I have ever seen.

    It was quirky, fast and daring and I believe that it added to the atmosphere of being in the theatre.

    The stage design and the constant use of blocks and squares was extremely effective and allowed us as an audience to be pulled into the performance. The use of props such as the swings and the gates to exaggerate body movements, and create different levels, fascinated me as it must have the other members of the audience.

    The ‘Magic’ of the musical really came to life throughout the night and as an audience, I think we all forgot that we were watching something that was on a stage, as we were totally engrossed within the action and fantasy of the story.

    We attended a workshop led by a brilliant Musical Director which was challenging, but so much fun.

    The range of vocal ability throughout the room no longer mattered, as we became a group that pretty much aced the given song ’Revolting Children’. With nothing but positive feedback from Mike, Tom and the teachers, it’s pretty easy to say we felt quite proud of ourselves.

    The Q&A with cast member Tom Muggeridge allowed us to ask questions we may not ask others.  It was extremely beneficial to hear his responses, especially for me as I am planning to study drama next year in University.

    All in all I thoroughly enjoyed myself over this weekend, it really was a magical experience. 


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