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Wednesday, 21 March 2018 10:06

Justice in a Day Featured

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17 Year 9 students recently attended a Justice in a Day event in Llandudno organised by North Wales Police to experience the inner workings of the criminal justice system.

Students were treated to a drama performed by members of Clwyd Theatr Cymru depicting a real youth justice case involving Connah, his girlfriend Clara and her friend Robby. Connah, the accused, was arrested while drunk on suspicion of drug use, social media intimidation, grievous bodily harm and threatening behaviour with a bladed instrument.

Students watched the drama unfold and were actively involved in the process of taking the case to court, the conditions for prisoners on remand, evidence taking and interviewing, the impact of crime on families and the community, and the resources required to bring such incidents to a satisfactory conclusion.

Students played their part as family members, magistrates, solicitors, and security, youth justice and social work staff as they deliberated and advised on bail conditions and sentencing set out in relevant legislation. Throughout the proceedings students were encouraged to give their opinions and ask insightful questions, which they did in abundance.

The afternoon session was spent at Llandudno Magistrates Court, where after all security processes and searches had been completed, the drama continued to unfold as a real Magistrate listened to emotional and heart felt victim statements, questioned those involved, consulted with student magistrates and ultimately summed up the case against Connah before passing sentence. Students also learned about the inner workings and surroundings of the courtroom.

A follow up workshop for students is currently being prepared to highlight how the drama continued for those involved while Connah served time in prison.

Students said…

“I found the whole thing inspirational. The act was well presented and interesting. I really enjoyed the experience.” Ben – played both Policeman and Granddad

“I was impressed to understand what real life court was all about, and you see the impact it has on the parents of those involved.” Lilly – played a solicitor

“It was fun and interesting. A good job, and good to see how it all played out.”  Carmen and Olivia – played relatives of the accused and victims



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