Support Mechanisms


Child Protection

Child Protection (0)

Ysgol Eirias fully recognises its responsibilities for child protection within the All Wales Child Protection Procedures.

Occasionally, a young person may disclose that something has happened to them which suggests they are at risk of harm. When this happens school is required BY LAW to inform the local Social Services Department who will, if necessary investigate the matter. Naturally, school (usually Mrs Crombie Deputy Head) will inform the parents of the concern UNLESS in doing so the pupil would be placed at increased risk of further harm

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The School Nurse

The School Nurse (0)

The School Nurse is Mrs Lynda Collier. She is available Monday to Thursday for health advice and support on a range of issues. Mrs Collier can be contacted in the following ways: At Colwyn Bay Hospital 01492 807743 Or a message can be left at school by: • telephone 01492 532025 • mobile 07919291175 • e mail A drop in clinic is held for pupils in the school’s medical room during lunchtime on Tuesday between 11.50am and 1.20pm. No appointment is necessary although pupils must be on their lunch break to access this service.
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Educational Social Work Service

Educational Social Work Service (0)

 Mrs Annette Faulkner is the school’s Educational Welfare Officer. She is employed by the local authority rather than the school, and as such can act as an independent person who can offer support and advice on the following (and other) matters:

  • Advising parents to ensure that pupils receive an appropriate education up to the age of 16
  • Advise families to ensure they receive all the benefits that they may be entitled to eg school meal, transport and clothing
  • Advice on Child employment
  • Meeting regularly with school staff, pupils and parents to identify problems and develop possible solutions
  • Attend Child Protection issues and conferences

The Education Social work service has a statutory responsibility to prosecute when children do not attend school

If you wish to speak to Mrs Faulkner you can contact her through the school 01492 532025, or 01492 536516

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Emotional Support

Emotional Support (0)


There are times when we all need a bit of extra emotional support. We offer a range of emotional support strategies for students. This may simply be someone to talk or to ask for and be given a piece of well directed advice, or help in controlling an anger issue. It may be a more formalised counselling approach to guidance. The type of emotional support offered initially is decided according to the pupil’s needs.

Please note that while the issues raised by the pupil will not be openly discussed with other staff, there may be an occasion where, if the pupil is felt to be at risk, Mrs Crombie (Deputy Head) will have to refer to outside agencies. Parents will be informed if this is the case – unless in doing so the pupil may be placed at further risk. Please see the Child Protection Policy statement.


Emotional Support Available

1. As part of the pastoral care within the school the pupils’ form tutor, Academic Development Coordinator or Head of Learning may be able to offer those well chosen words of advice and will monitor any situation that arises.

Before any of the following services are offered to pupils parents will be asked to give their consent

2.In School Emotional Support. This level of support is offered by Mrs Winter a member of the school staff.

3.School Based Counselling is a service provided by the Local Authority. Trained counsellors come into school at a pre arranged time to meet the young person.

School is also able to make referrals to other external agencies such as:

  • The School Nurse
  • Educational Social Work Service
  • Early Intervention Prevention Service (EIPS) who may initially become involved if a young person is thought to be self-harming or at risk of eating disorders
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) for more serious concerns about a child mental health.
  • Bereavement Counselling (Miss Dixon is also able to offer some bereavement counselling and we can refer to CRUSE)


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Pastoral Support Programmes

Pastoral Support Programmes (0)


Occasionally, a pupil is experiencing some difficulty in school, This may be being the result of the impacts of:

  • an on going health issue,
  • behaviour or attendance issues,
  • on going issues at home that may impact on the child in school eg a parent or sibling very ill.
  • A range of other issues

School may decide to call a Pastoral Support Programme Meeting which will usually involve the pupil, their parent, the Head of Learning, Mrs Kerfoot-Robson (Asst Head) , Mrs S Robinson (ALNCO) and any external agencies involved with the pupil (eg School Nurse or ESW). Occasionally a representative from the Local Education Authority (LEA) may be asked to attend. The aim of the meeting is to support the young person to fully access school throughout their period of difficulty.


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Eirias Pupil Inclusion Centre (EPIC)

Eirias Pupil Inclusion Centre (EPIC) (0)

Eirias Pupil Inclusion Centre (EPIC)

We are very fortunate to have a specially designated room to support young people in reaching their full learning potential

Some young people may access EPIC because they have a broken limb which makes moving around the school difficult for a short period of time, Others may access the centre as part of a re integration programme after a prolonged period of illness, while others may go into EPIC as part of an agreed educational package. While every effort will be made to accomodate a pupil in EPIC space is a limiting factor. Heads of Learning will consult with parents.

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Additional Learning Needs

Additional Learning Needs (0)


Additional Learning Needs

All students have their own educational needs. As a school we strive to individualise each young person’s learning experience. Some young people have learning needs above and beyond those of other young people. Some may need additional reading and literacy support, others may need support with their acquisition of speech and language, others may have a specific or moderate learning need such as dyslexia or be on the Autistic Spectrum disorder.

We currently have 15 Teaching Assistants (TAs), the majority of whom are attached to young people supporting them in class, and around school. If your son/daughter has a specific learning need please speak to Mr Dickens ALNCO who will be able to address any issues you may have. 

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The Student Manager

The Student Manager (0)


The student manager at Ysgol Eirias is Miss J Dixon. She works closely with staff and parents to reinforce and maintain good standards of uniform and behaviour. She is based in an area within the main office, and is available to students throughout the day. She maintains a supply of various items of uniform which may be borrowed for a day if that item is left at home or misplaced. Miss Dixon leads the team of supervisors during the lunch break, and is available to show prospective students’ ad their parents around the school.

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Heads Of Learning and ADCs

Heads Of Learning and ADCs (0)


Each Year group is led by a Head of Learning, who manages the form tutors and pupils in the year group. If you have any general concerns about your son/daughter the Head of Learning is the person best placed to help you. (If you have a subject specific concern please contact the relevant Head of Faculty. The name of the

appropriate Head of learning for you son/daughters year group is shown below


Heads of Learning 2013-14

Yr 7

Mr D Bowen Jones

Yr 8

Mrs L Kerfoot Robson



Yr 9

Mr D McKenzie


Yr 10

Mr P Jones


Yr 11

Miss A McCann


Yr 12 and 13

Mrs J Dutton

The Heads of Learning for Year 7 and Years 12 and 13 are static posts –Mr Bowen Jones and Mrs Dutton always stay with either

Year 7 or 12 and 13. The other Heads of Learning and their ADC stay with the year group throughout years 8 to 11.

Each Year team also has an Academic Development Coordinator. This member of staff will work closely with a group of young

people in the year group helping them with specific issues. For some young people this may be about their organisation and

time management, for others it may be about how they study.

Academic Development Coordinators 2013-14

Yr 7

Dr R Jones, Miss D Hicks

Yr 8

Mr N Wilkinson


Yr 9

Mrs G Hughes


Yr 10

Miss K Alexander


Yr 11

Mrs L Lambe


Yr 12 and 13

Dr M Greenslade, Mrs T Parkes


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Head Of Faculty

Head Of Faculty (0)


If you have a specific concern about your child’s progress in a specific subject you should contact the appropriate Head of Faculty.

These are outlined below



Head of faculty


English, Drama, Media, Psychology, Music

Mrs H Blackwell



Mr A Davies


Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics Applied Science, Additional Science)

Miss S Taylor


D&T, Food, Textiles, Graphics, Art, Product design, Resistant Materials, Child Care

Mr M Sherry


German, French Welsh

Mrs B Gordon


Geography, History, RS, Sociology

Mrs J Abas

Business Communications

Economics, Business Studies, ICT, Health and Social Care

Mr D Jones



Mr T Harding

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