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Whole School Target 4
Building   Resilience
Lead     EC PJS

 Resilience is the ability of a person to overcome adversity in a school context. This may be emotional resilience, where young people have the strength of character to overcome emotional trauma, or academic resilience where young people adopt a ‘can do’ philosophy and become more independent and resourceful learners. 


With the combination of changes in the nature of our catchment, the proposed changes to the examination papers, (incorporating more PISA style questions) and the globalised nature of the future workforce, pupils need to be become problem solvers rather than re-callers of information. Further consolidation is required to enhance students ‘learning power’ and their ‘real world intelligence’


We are noticing a significant and increasing number of pupils requiring emotional support.  These issues may not be directly related to school, rather they are linked to issues at home and within relationships.



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