Be Active
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Learn how to perform the ‘Blinding Lights’ routine that has become popular on TikTok. Look at this link for a video to help you practice.

Research body weight home workouts on YouTube and carry out at least 3 different ones per week. They only need to be 12 minutes or longer. If you find one you like then you can complete the workout multiple times!

Take a walk down a road that you don’t often go down near your home. Take your time, have a look round, can you spot anything interesting?

Do a Joe Wicks workout every morning

Dance for at least one minute! Doing this every day will put a smile on your face.

Make sure you that you drink water to keep hydrated throughout the day, it will help you focus and you will have increased energy levels and keep you happy and alert.

Try a plank challenge – see if you can hold a plank for 30 seconds every day – add an extra second each day (add more if you are feeling ambitious!)