Have a look at your contacts on your mobile phone, find 2 friends that you haven’t heard from during lockdown and send them a text asking them if they are ok and would they like to phone you for a chat.

Do some mindful colouring with the family. Download templates online and complete them with your family.

Make a quick phone call to someone older than yourself – perhaps a grandparent, aunty or uncle who is self isolating. They would really appreciate you taking time out to speak to them.

Message a friend or family member. People appreciate it when you think of them.

Connect with yourself- no phones before bed, turn off your phone at least 30 minute before you go to sleep

Practice square breathing on a square or rectangle. Start at the top left- breathe in- as your eyes move to top right exhale, then continue around. Do a jigsaw with the family / play a board game together.