Have a look though all your old toys and games and see if there are any you could give to a local charity shop. Perhaps pick 2-3 items that you no longer use but could bring some joy to others. Find out how you would give these items to the shop and arrange to visit and make the donation in person (in line with social distancing rules at the time).

Do something kind each day. Spare a couple of minutes of your time each day to help someone. This could be helping parents with household chores, helping a sibling with schoolwork, ringing or video calling a relative to see if they are okay or simply smiling and saying hello to an elderly neighbour on your daily walk. 😊

Give yourself 5-10 minutes of quiet meditation each day. During this time, close your eyes and focus on the following things:

  • The sound of your breathing as you inhale and exhale deeply and try to slow your breathing down
  • 5 things you are thankful for
  • 3 things you are looking forward to in the future

Do a chore for your family.

Bake a cake for a neighbour

Set aside half an hour each week to spend time with a younger family member/family friend – go for a walk, do a quiz online, play a computer game together