keep learning
Dal ati i ddysgu

As a treat for your parents you are going to plan an afternoon tea for them. Research what is involved, create a menu, work out what you will need to buy and work how much it will cost.

Learn how to say thank you or good morning in different languages and wow your family with a different language each day.

Why not try to write a poem? A sonnet, limerick or haiku? Take time to think and reflect and create something for yourself or a poem that you can share.

Go online and check out TED for thousands of short, powerful talks delivered by world’s leading thinkers and doers. Watch one talk on a topic that interests you.

Leaning to cook a 3 course meal for the family.

Learn a new skills- Cooking/sign language- touch typing- Learn to play a game that you have never played before – try chess, bridge or blackjack