A spotlight on the wonderful efforts, creativity, and ambition of pupils and staff in lessons.


Year 9 pupils studying William Shakespeare's Scottish Play (aside: Macbeth "shh") were challenged with a reinvention of the witches scene. The 3 students in this video certainly came up with something imaginative and well worth a watch. Maybe this should be a full production, what do you think?

Cookery club

The budding chefs recently made butter chicken curry, a Jamie Oliver recipe. It was lovely to see such a mix of students from different year groups including 6th form. Taste testing reviews welcome in the comments...

PE - Olympic Weightlifting

Tiffany Brannan visited the PE department recently to demonstrate some Olympic Weightlifting techniques. The PE staff took part in the training session too!


Volcano Masterpieces

Year 9 pupils did some fantastic homemade volcanoes using everything from expanding foam to clay. Pupils worked individually or in groups to produce excellent volcanoes, which will displayed for others to admire in Miss Hughes’s classroom!