National Child Exploitation Awareness Day

18th March 2021

Child exploitation is when an abuser takes advantage of a young person for their own personal gain. This can take many forms, including sexual exploitation or forcing the child to commit crime. It may be difficult for parents and carers to differentiate between ordinary teenage behaviour and the risk of or involvement in exploitation but there are some signs that may signify that children or young people are being groomed for exploitation or actually being exploited. We would encourage teachers, parents to students to learn the signs on exploitation so that they can spot it amongst their children and peers and ensure it is stopped. You can learn more about Child exploitation here:

It is so important to act quickly and intervene early if you suspect your child is being exploited. If you think a child or young person you know could be in immediate danger call 999, or if you have non-urgent information to share with the police 101, or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.