Year 9 Moving Forwards into GCSE
Digwyddiad Rhithiol Agored

Preparing for GCSEs
Year 9 Options

As your child is coming towards the end of Key Stage 3 it is time to start thinking about what they may like to study towards GCSE in KS4 (Yrs 10 and 11).

Some subjects, English, Maths, Maths Numeracy, Science, Welsh, The Skills Challenge Certificate (SCC) are compulsory for all pupils. Pupils also have a compulsory lesson of Core RS and two lessons of Core PE each week.

Please see the Moving Forwards Booklet for details of the courses in Year 10 and 11

A moving forward event took place in school on Tuesday 9th January 2024 (5:30-7:30pm)

Please see the timeline below for details and important dates of the options process.

If you have any general queries please do not hesitate to contact Mr J Knowles (Head of Year 9).


Optional Subjects

Art and Design
Mrs Millington Cassidy,

Mr D Jones,

Computer Science
Ms E Sime,

Digital Technology
Mr D Lloyd,
Mrs G Hughes,

Mrs S Howell,

Mr M Sherry,

Textile Design
Miss N Kenworthy ,

Mrs I Williams,

Food and Nutrition
A Donohue:

Mrs S Marriott,

Mrs B Gordon,

Graphic Communication
Mr M Sherry,

Health and Social Care Childcare
Mrs N Kenworthy,

Miss S Haslehurst,

Miss E Hammerton,

Physical Education
Mr N Wilkinson,

Product Design
Mr M Sherry,

Religion and Philosophy
Mrs C Davies,

Mrs K Alexander,

College Options


Mr J Knowles,

Hair Services
Mr J Knowles,

Health and Social Care
Mr J Knowles,

Core Subjects

Cymraeg Ail Iaith/Welsh Second Language
Mrs L Newman,

Mrs J Caton,

Mathematics and Numeracy
Miss C Richardson,

Religious Studies (Short Course)
Mrs C Davies,

Mrs S Taylor,

Skills Challenge Certificate
Miss S Haslehurst,