Professional Learning & School Improvement
Dysgu Proffesiynol a Gwella Ysgolion

Ysgol Eirias is a centre of excellence in learning where everyone is encouraged to be an ambitious learner and to reach their potential. We endeavour to equip the members of our school with the confidence and skills to enable them to make a positive contribution to the world of work and as citizens in our local and wider community.

We have high expectations based on traditional values of good behaviour and mutual respect. Weare proud of a culture that cares for pupils’ physical and emotional wellbeing and believe this to be critical in all aspects of life.

Equity is important to us and as such, the quality of teaching, learning and support enable every child to achieve their potential. We believe the key ingredient for success for all our learners to be a highly effective approach to teaching and learning with a real focus on community engagement.

Keeping you up-to-date with the continuing professional development (CPD) of all staff throughout Ysgol Eirias.

As a school at the heart of the Colwyn Bay and Rhos on Sea community, we aim to reach out to parents and carers and our community-based professionals. At Ysgol Eirias we believe that we have a collective responsibility to educate and support children and in turn, develop communities and a society that is prosperous, healthy and ambitious. We succeed together.

Through our new curriculum, we will develop learners as informed citizens of Wales with an awareness of how to be healthy and safe, with a sense of what is right and fair. We will support their progression through ensuring a smooth transition into secondary school by collaborating within our cluster. Effective assessment will ensure that all learners make progress.

Here at Ysgol Eirias we believe passionately in the development of our staff. High quality, personalised, Professional Learning supports all members of the team in ensuring the best possible experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

We succeed together.

Succeeding Together

School Improvement Plans (SIPs)

Every year the school creates a new school improvement plan based on a number of factors including national priorities, local priorities, school priorities and learner feedback. 4 Whole School Targets are generated and each Faculty and Year Team write their SIP. The SIP is reviewed termly and discussed with leadership.

This year the 4 whole school targets are:

  1. Standards - standards of achievement in learners including in skills (literacy and numeracy);
  2. Progress and Assessment - looking at the feedback that learners receive and focusing on progress and differentiation;
  3. Skills - targeting the provision of skills and focusing on vocabulary building and reading strategies;
  4. Wellbeing of learners and staff - looking specifically at attendance and building positive relationships.

Professional Learning

The school prepares a Professional Learning Plan every year, ensuring that available training time is used well to address the Whole School Targets and priorities. The formal training takes place on training days and Twilight session but there are many other aspects of professional learning that the school provides including development programmes, shadowing opportunities, bespoke training for individuals, modelling and sharing good practice and moderating assessment. The Training Days and Twilights this year are as follows:

Autumn Term

1st/2nd September - Staff Training Days

Tuesday November 21st 3.00 - 5.30 - Twilight

Spring Term

Monday 8th January - Staff Training Day

Summer Term

Monday 22nd April - Staff Training Day

Tuesday 4th June 3.00 - 5.30 - Twilight

Friday 9th July - Staff Training Day