Estyn Review

Estyn Review

Estyn recognizes ‘strong learner outcomes’ and ‘stimulating’ lessons at Ysgol Eirias

Estyn inspects the quality and standards of education in all schools in Wales. In 2018 Estyn undertook a thematic review of A Levels across Wales visiting a wide range of schools and 6th Form Colleges including Ysgol Eirias. They released a report in November 2018 based on this review which includes some very positive references to Ysgol Eirias.

Estyn recognized that:

“Over time, the school has sustained strong learner outcomes at A Level across most performance indicators”

“The school views the sixth form as a major strength and a great deal of emphasis is placed on it within whole-school self-evaluation and improvement planning processes”

“The school uses robust internal and external data to evaluate performance and to formulate strategic action plans for A Level Performance at whole-school and faculty level”

Estyn used a ‘stimulating debate in a Year 13 A Level Economics lesson at Ysgol Eirias as a Case Study for effective teaching and assessment. They commented that:

“learners engaged in a levely and exceptionally well run formal debate”

“all learners made useful contributions and most were confident and articulate”

“learners clearly enjoyed the opportunity to draw on previously acquired knowledge to put forward reasoned lines of argument”