UCAS Application

Completing your UCAS Application - Step by Step

  1. Register yourself on the UCAS website, details of how to do this can be found in this school help guide.
  2. Log on to the UCAS Apply and  complete each section of the Application until it is fully complete, print the whole application, then pay and send on the UCAS website.
  3. Fill out the Application Information Sheet.  The Sixth Form team will use this information to check your application and to write your reference.
  4. Give a printed copy of your UCAS Application, the completed Application Information Sheet (and a cheque made payable to UCAS if you did not pay online by debit or credit card) to Mrs Frankcom before half term in October (September for Vet/Med/Oxbridge applications).

Once you have handed in your application, please remember that the school needs to write your reference and check your application before it can be sent off to UCAS. This process can take quite a number of days especially when there are lots of other applications in the pipeline.

The earlier you hand in your application the better. Remember universities do not wait until the deadline, they will start to give out offers as soon as applications are received.