Enterprising learners
Dysgwyr Mentrus

"Sixth Form has shown me the importance of independent study and the work ethic needed to be successful. The opportunities that Sixth Form offers are extensive to develop the skills necessary in the working world"

Megan - year 13

"Ysgol Eirias is a brilliant place to learn. Staff and teachers really push pupils to meet and even exceed target grades and they offer amazing teaching and support to help achieve this. The school also offers fun school trips, I got the opportunity to visit CERN in Switzerland"

Lucy - year 13

"Pursuing my career following high school, I hit a brick wall after trying other sixth forms and college until I came to Ysgol Eirias. The staff are fully supportive and offer a great deal of care and advice for all their students and without the staff here, I wouldn’t be pursuing the career path I set out to do"

Tom - Year 13

Giving Back

We encourage all our Sixth Form students to give something back to the school and wider community. This helps to develop interpersonal and organisational skills, which can be referenced in UCAS and Job applications. It also makes a huge contribution to the school and our community.

Lower School Support

"I helped out in a year 8 Religious Studies lesson every week in order to complete my Welsh Baccalaureate qualification. As I am hoping to go to University to study Primary Education, lower school support has given me the experiences needed to apply. I helped students who needed extra support and motivating in the classroom. Lower school support developed my confidence and communication skills and allowed me to see how teachers approached younger years"

Phoebe (Year 13 Student)

The Nurture Garden

"As sixth formers, we help out at the Nurture Garden during lunchtime to provide a safe space for lower school students who wish to enjoy a quiet break or lunchtime. We assist them in developing their reading ability, alongside helping the students to progress their confidence and social skills. For us, it is a valuable contribution to our CVs and university applications, however, our involvement has expanded our own social skills while filling our lunchtimes with something fun and rewarding"

Emily and Molly (year 13)

Volunteering - Disabled Skiing Wales

"The 1st Saturday of every month I volunteer with the Disability Ski Group based in Llandudno. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all types of disabilities given the opportunity to ski. I have developed self confidence and adaptive skills necessary for the club. As well as fantastic experience, I have also gained a "Volunteer of the Year" award and a full qualification in adaptive ski instruction which will benefit me when writing the personal statement for my medicine application next year"

Hollie (Year 12 student)

Contact Pete Harris, Disabled Skiing Wales E-mail: pete.harris@gmx.com Website: http://www.disabilityskiingwales.co.uk

Supporting New Students

"I have been helping a French boy in year 8, who is new to the school, learn English. This has been extremely rewarding and has helped my proficiency in a foreign language and my communication skills. I am hoping to study Primary Education in university next year and this experience has helped me reach my goal"

Mia (Year 13 Student)