Take Notice
Bod yn Sylwgar

Take 5 pictures of an object in your household from 5 very different angles. How does the object look different in each picture, create a collage from the 5 pictures you have created and send it to your parents.

Positive News hunt. Find the nicest, most supportive and useful advice, stories and ideas out there that lift the mood. Share them with your family and friends.

Either looking in your garden or during a walk you complete can you see:

Any changes in the wildlife / vegetation of the area as the seasons change and we move into summer?

Can you see any differences in the natural environment due to there being less people and vehicles about?

Pay attention to how your friends and family might be feeling, it will help you realise when you need to be there for them. The more you help them, the more likely they are to realise when you need support too.

Take A picture of something you are grateful for everyday for a week.

Start a positive thoughts jar – write down one good experience on a post-it or small slip of paper and store them in a jar – get them out at the end of lockdown to remember all the positive experiences from this time