Transition Channel Vlog
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Moving schools will involve a completely new routine in the mornings. How are you going to prepare going to school in September? In this video Mr Bowen-Jones gives you some advice on how to make those preparations and be ready to ‘get up and go’ in September.

Starting a new school means that you are going to meet a lot of new people you won’t know. The idea of this video is to give you the heads up about the staff who are involved in Year 7. From Mrs Sutton to Mrs Walker, who are they? How will I recognise them? What do they do in the school?

In these uncertain times Mr Bowen-Jones welcomes new pupils who are joining Ysgol Eirias in September 2020 with some words of advice and encouragement. He tells pupils that Ysgol Eirias is working hard to ensure their move to secondary school is going to be OK and they are not to worry!

For both pupils and parents there will be many questions about moving up to Year 7 in high school that need answers. This video aims to give pupils some re-assurance about Year 7 and gives the opportunity to send in your questions to Mr Bowen-Jones via the: Year 6 Transition Email address.

Welcome to all Year 6 pupils.

We are going to present you with a series of vlogs to say hello, introduce you to staff members, and help to familiarise you with some of the areas of importance for Year 7 pupils.

This first vlog is a brief welcome from the Headteacher of Ysgol Eirias, Mrs Sutton.