Publicity Team
Tîm Cyhoeddusrwydd

The Publicity Team is passionate about promoting the work and successes of students at Ysgol Eirias. This will include making announcements and publicising the work of students and of Student Voice teams – within school and in the wider community. Our work may relate to fundraising, guidance for students, consultation with students, Student Voice meetings, promotion of events such as non school uniform days, clubs etc., recruitment, and many other things.
The team work closely with all staff and student teams and groups in school to make sure we communicate effectively through Microsoft Teams, Social media, the school website, notice boards, bulletins, creative displays, emails, and by organising and attending events.
The team play a key role in helping to ensure that decisions taken in school are communicated well to students – that they are understood and agreed by students, and that students have the chance to contribute via consultation and feedback.
We regularly announce meetings, events and results or feedback from surveys related to students. We are currently working to recruit new members of the Steering Group for a new 12 month term of Student Voice duty. We will shortly be sharing feedback on the recent Online Learning Survey which attracted over 600 student opinions. We will also be sharing news and guidance to students about any return to school and the necessary rules and protocols that we must follow to remain safe in school.