Steering Group
Tîm Llywio

We are the Eirias Student Voice Steering Group.

The role of the Steering Group is to collaborate and cooperate with everyone to promote togetherness, and facilitate improvement and success for all.
We do this in a number of ways:

  • • We bring students together to discuss issues in school.
  • • We survey students to better understand their concerns and needs to take forward
  • • We generate ideas that are discussed with the school leadership – and then work with staff on projects to ensure students’ ideas are heard and that decisions include students’ considerations
  • • We actively encourage all students to share their voice through our online ‘Have Your Say’ portal, and several ‘Have Your Say’ boxes positioned close to Heads of Learning offices in school.
  • • We develop teams and sub-groups to focus on key areas identified by students
  • • We hold fundraising activities to help charities and to progress students' ideas for improvement in school.
  • • We feedback our discussions and decisions and results to all students and staff

Students helping and supporting fellow students is an engaging way of achieving success for all.
Some of what we aim to do is:

  • • Identify student priorities
  • • Encourage being part of a team
  • • Improve the school
  • • Solve problems
  • • Work closely with staff
  • • Improve the school environment
  • • Improve behaviour, attendance and reduce bullying
  • • Improve the well-being of everyone in school
  • • Provide training and guidance for those active in student voice
  • • Promote inclusion and diversity
  • • Improve decision making
  • • Engaging with our wider community
  • • Foster positive relationships
  • • Develop skills – presenting, organising, leadership, creativity, confidence…
  • • Increase opportunities
  • • Help students understand and use their rights