Learning at Ysgol Eirias During COVID-19
Dysgu yn Ysgol Eirias Yn ystod COVID-19

Learning at Ysgol Eirias During COVID-19
Dysgu yn Ysgol Eirias Yn ystod COVID-19

Explaining our Online Provision

The following video explains what we are trying to achieve with our online provision, whilst our learners are working remotely. The video will take around 15 minutes of your time but it’s important to share our principles with you so that we can work together as teachers, parents, and learners to ensure that our young people continue to get a first-class education. So, parents, please go and make yourself a cuppa, grab a biscuit and sit down with your child to watch this video.

Please click here for a letter to parents about ‘Supporting ‘out’ of school learning’.

In addition, this short video has been made to help explain what learning is like at Ysgol Eirias during the COVID-19 pandemic and how you can support your child during this time.

Information for learners

We are working hard to hep you accelerate your learning and make sure that you are not disadvantaged as a result of the school closure in March. The main change in your learning is the expectation that we have around the way you work ‘out’ of school.

All Homework is now set through Assignments on your MS Teams Classes.

Please upload your work to Teams and keep to the set deadlines.

You will receive a notification to inform you when your teacher has provided you with feedback.

If appropriate, please act on this feedback and upload your improved work.

What if you're absent?

If you are absent from school and well enough to do work, for example you may be self isolating, then work will be provided for you on your MS Teams Classes in the Home Learning channel.

To help you keep on top of your studies, we expect that you do your work following your school timetable.

If you need extra help, post a question on your Team or send your teacher an email.