Finn Burnham, former Eirias student, kayaks 400 miles for the Callum Wylie Foundation

Finn Burnham has been putting himself through physical and mental challenges over the past month to raise awareness and to honour his friend Callum Wylie.

Former Eirias pupil, Finn Burnham, is due home on Saturday 13th October; in the wake of Storm Callum. Sometimes reality is as poetic as literature. He is due to land in Llandudno in the afternoon according to his support team.

For the past month, Finn has been kayaking around Wales, via canals and coastal waters, to support people with Asperger Syndrome, and to raise awareness of his friend's story.

Finn is truly an inspirational young man, wise beyond his years.

You can look back over his journey at: Finn's Journey where he charts his epic adventure in the name of, "Facing my fear head on, kayaking 400 nautical miles around Wales, in memory of Callum Wylie. Raising funds and awareness for Aspergers."

Although Finn is an outdoor pursuits ninja, he fears the water, which makes this feat of endurance even more impressive.

Over the past month, as well as charting his adventure on his own journey page, the foundation he is supporting (Callum Wylie Foundation) also has a fantastic log of photos and updates.

Finn's journey has featured in the Daily Post, ITV news, and has been made into a film by FollowFilms.

You can donate to The Callum Wylie Foundation crowd fund here