Things are getting Frantic in the assembly hall!

Drama pupils across Years 10, 11 and 12 took part in a workshop helping to develop movement

Drama pupils across Years 10, 11 and 12 took part in a workshop helping to develop movement. 'Frantic assembly' has always been about more than the work on the stage.

They are about the ethos of collaboration, of empowerment, of that constant desire to improve. Students developed techniques and collaborated of movements. They are looking forward to adding what they have learnt to their practical exam performances!

Thank you to Simon Pittman and David Gilbert for running this amazing workshop for us!

I enjoyed Frantic Assembly. It was really fun to do. I liked doing the lifts and all the movements, We also built a lot of trust with new people-
Minny Woosey year 10
I had a very good time during this workshop, not only was it fun but I also learnt a lot of techniques of incorporating movement in performance. I thoroughly enjoyed the activities included. My Favourite being ‘fluffing’. The two men from Frantic were great teachers and they really sold Frantic Assembly to me and those lower down the school.
Charlotte Graham year 12
I found it really enjoyable and I loved the way they taught us. I would definitely recommend this to people who love to try new things.
Grace Ward year 10
The practitioners were very encouraging and were getting us involved in everything. It made me realise that the simplest movements could be a properly sequenced storyline
Iwan Mainstone 12B
I really enjoyed the workshop. The two practitioners were very friendly and encouraging, they managed to make us come up with our own ideas and experiment with skills and techniques that they had given us. I really enjoyed the lifts and would like to incorporate them into performances I do in class-
Hollie Stones Year 12