Gallery visit for A Level artists

By Matilda Crossley

During our trip to Manchester, we visited both the Manchester Art Gallery, and the Whitworth. Personally, I enjoyed the Pre-Raphaelites situated within the Manchester City Art Gallery. Particularly I looked into Hylas and the Nymphs, and the controversy surrounding how it was taken down in order to stir conversations around women and their portrayal within art.

In the Whitworth I enjoyed both the Reno at the Whitworth exhibition and Paul Cézanne’s figure sketches.

The Reno exhibit encapsulated artefacts as well as the traditional art styles and brought in local history into the gallery, which I enjoyed. It was fascinating to see the works of Paul Cézanne, “Father of Modern Art” who had inspired Picasso, and discover how he rendered his pieces, through lithographs and traditional sketches.