Mary’s Meals Community Challenge

This involved working together in groups, making contact with a charity and presenting to two year seven form groups.

By Ella Jones

We were set the challenge to come together as a group to create as many backpacks for the charity Mary’s Meals based in Glasgow. Mary’s Meals is a charity that helps the children and families that are less fortunate than ourselves in southern Europe and Africa.

In this challenge we would fill backpacks full of school equipment, towels, toothpaste and toothbrushes. These are basic needs that we are privileged to have in our everyday life, but they are something that the children and families in poorer countries don’t have.

In our groups we were given two year seven form groups that we had to go and present to. Our aim of this task was to talk about our challenge, promote the charity and explain what a difference they are making and then ask them to contribute by bringing in equipment and resources that we could fill the backpacks with.

However this wouldn’t be enough so we then decided to put a cake sale on the yard one break time. By doing this it enabled us to raise enough money so we could buy the equipment we needed to fill up the backpacks.

After raising the money and buying everything we needed to we were able to create and produce 9 backpacks and as a class we were able to send off 20 bags.

We recently received a certificate from Mary’s Meals thanking us for all our hard work and also a note of appreciation.

Thank you to everyone who donated items or money to support us with this cause.