National Tests for Key Stage 3 Pupils
Profion Cenedlaethol i Ddisgyblion Cyfnod Allweddol 3

The National Tests have been designed for diagnostic use, so that teachers will have information on the reading and numeracy skills of their learners, in order to guide the next stage of teaching.

In light of this, it is important that pupils are not drilled for these tests as this not only causes unnecessary stress but can also mask difficulties that some may be experiencing.

The National Procedural Test is now an online and adaptive test. As such, the window for this test is much wider and your child will take this test over the next couple of months.

Timetable for National Tests

Numeracy Reasoning
Takes 45 minutes to complete.
15 minutes to give out instructions, distribute booklets,and present the stimulus materials.
30 minutes to complete the test.

Reading English
Takes 80 minutes to complete.
5 minutes
to give out instructions and distribute booklets.
15 minutes to review question types and complete practice questions.
60 minutes to complete the test.

Equipment required for tests

Letter from the Headteacher about the National Tests