Big Shout for Mr Williams - Professional Teaching Award Nomination

Mr D Williams has been nominated for a Welsh teaching award in the category of Inspirational use of the Welsh Language.

Enillydd | Winner


On Sunday evening 29th November, we all sat with baited breath awaiting the announcement of the Professional Teaching Awards Cymru, especially the category for Inspirational use of the Welsh Language. Our very own Mr Williams was one of the nominees. The announcement should have been made at a special awards ceremony rather like the Oscars last May, - but Covid, sadly put paid to that.

Mr Williams was nominated for a range of reasons, not least for his enthusiasm and professionalism in teaching and promoting the Welsh Language with our pupils. His lessons are full of humour and good natured banter There is mutual respect in an environment that is all about teaching AND learning. Not only does he work in school he works with the Universities of Bangor and Aberystwyth encouraging students to join the teaching profession. He throws himself into school trips, skiing, Nant BH, Iceland, South Africa, Malawi and Patagonia. He runs the Urdd, the school Eisteddfodd, he even organised the painting of the Draig Goch on the wall of C2 corridor.

But it’s what the pupils say that really matters. A sample from his classes said:

Mr Williams treats everyone equally, He approaches you in a friendly way and has a passion for teaching which I’ve never seen in any other teacher. He understands the best methods to teach. He doesn’t get frustrated if you don’t understand. He won’t move on until everyone understands.

Mr Williams gives us good skills to help us learn and makes lessons fun. Somehow he manages to make sentence patterns and words stick in your head. If we don’t understand he always comes to help. He’s good at explaining. He likes to check our books to know how we are doing which I think is cool.

Mr Williams is an amazing teacher that helps us learn Welsh. He makes it fun by telling jokes and he knows our limits. He helps us push those limits with our learning.

I think Mr Williams is a good teacher. He makes our lessons fun and interesting He helps me learn a lot of Welsh by making our lessons enjoyable. Since I’ve joined Mr Williams’s class I have learned a lot more words and I’m more comfortable with Welsh. He also puts a lot of time and effort into preparing for our class and see what we have done well and what we can improve.

Mr Williams is a very good teacher He explains all of the tasks very well He will always help you and will offer you support before school.

Tom in one of Dyfed’s Year 11 classes commented that “I used to really struggle with Welsh and did not enjoy the subject, but since Mr Williams started to teach me I have really seen an improvement in my knowledge and enjoyment. Mr Williams always finds new ways of teaching us and giving us resources to make information stay in our heads. Whether it is a game, a quiz. Or even some key words. Not only is Mr Williams an amazing teacher he is also a nice honest man. When I’ve had problems in the past I have gone to Mr Williams and he has given me support”.

The words of the young people he teaches speak the loudest. And that’s why Mr Williams won the award. We know you’re a winner Mr Williams, but this award just confirms it. Many congratulations. It’s richly deserved. We’re all so proud of you.

Da iawn a ti Mr Williams Gwaith Ardderchog!