Shining the light on...Ellie Pye
with Hockey Wales

Ellie Pye is a passionate coach who plays an active role within our 360 Performance Centres and with our U16 NAG Girls.

How did your journey in coaching begin?

My coaching journey began during my time in university. I was studying sports science and was really interested in the coaching side of hockey. I volunteered at my old high school and local club sessions to gain experience. I am now fortunate enough to be coaching the Wales U16 girls squad.

Was there anyone that particularly inspired you to take the coaching route?

I was inspired by my school PE teacher, Aideen McCann. Aideen has a true passion for everything she does, which was the reason I fell in love with sport. I was also inspired by Nicola Ashcroft, a North Wales hockey coach. Nicola has incredible knowledge when it comes to hockey and always plans really fun and interactive sessions, which is what I aspire to achieve.

Why do you coach?

I think coaching is extremely rewarding. Supporting others to develop skills and achieve potential they didn’t know they have is something that makes standing in the rain on winter nights the most enjoyable experience ever.

What message would you give to other females that are thinking about getting into coaching?

Coaching the sport you love makes you appreciate the sport so much more. It allows you to meet the most amazing people and have a lot of fun along the way.

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