Which Eirias historian has exhibited at the Llandudno Museum?

Over the lockdown, pupils had been creating work for an exhibition the Llandudno Museum. This Living History Exhibition was focusing on thoughts and feelings from a range of school ages about Covid pandemic. Our pupils work was collected back in the last school term and now on display for the public. The pupils work will then be stored safely for future historians to use as historical sources.

How did you get into working at the Llandudno museum?

I first heard about this opportunity from Miss Haslehurst and wanted to give something new a go so I applied online where I had competed for a spot on the voluntary placement, I even had to go through an interview to be chosen.

What was the school placement at the Llandudno Museum like?

I mainly did research and came up with ideas for up-and-coming projects such the BLM exhibition and a biodiversity project, DeAnn guided through what I need to do, and I independently went about doing the tasks, each week we would zoom call to my track progress.

What did you enjoy?

I enjoyed every moment of it because I felt as if I had the freedom to explore and create whatever I felt like doing. My favourite part however was creating of the physical exhibition, choosing where poster got to go and how items would be presented, it felt unreal that I had full control over my own exhibition.

Why did you decide to do a display on BLM?

I feel as if the BLM protests played a massive roll in why 2020 will be remembered so I wanted to document, well I felt it needed to be documented. To me it was important to present the facts of the events and allow people to come to their own opinions.

The exhibition runs till October.