​Plas Mawr & Eirias Students Bring History to Life

Year 12 students met with staff from CADW and Plas Mawr today for an interactive session on Tudor History.

Students learned about life at Plas Mawr and got hands on with some Tudor artefacts, such as a trepanning drill, used to drill holes in the skull of patients suffering with headaches. They investigated cauterising irons, used to seal gunshot wounds; and a urinology jar used to diagnose illness based on the colour of your wee! Students also had the chance to craft their own Tudor Rose badges and design clay wall features, similar to those evident at Plas Mawr.

Our Year 12 students plan to host a 'Take Over Day' at Plas Mawr in October when they will guide local primary school children around this unique Tudor building in Conwy. Our thanks go to Miss Haslehurst and to the the staff at Plas Mawr and CADW for organising this activity.