Year 8 Shines in Goethe Institut Football Contest

Imagine this: Mrs. McNeil, Mr Wood and eight enthusiastic Year 8 students, armed with a camera and a whole lot of spirit, ready to take on the Goethe Institut's video competition. Their mission? To film a spectacular video in German to win a place in a football tournament. Spoiler alert: They won!

Fast forward to the big day. Our champions, with hearts racing, boarded a train to London. They arrived at a swanky Premier Inn hotel, treated like royalty with a sumptuous dinner, cozy beds, and a hearty breakfast buffet featuring crispy bacon, golden hash browns, and juicy sausages all paid for by the Goethe Institut!

Next came the adventurous Tube rides to the state-of-the-art Deutsche Schule London. The school’s facilities were mind-blowing, with immaculate grounds and cutting-edge sports equipment. The tournament was a celebration, with lively music, a German quiz, and free tasty snacks. Lunch featured a traditional currywurst, which was an absolute hit (I’m sure Joe had 3! 😊).

The matches, coached by Mr Wood, were intense, each a testament to our students' hard work. Despite their efforts, a nail-biting penalty shootout saw them kicked out of the tournament. Undeterred, the boys continued to play football all day, showcasing their love for the sport and unbreakable team spirit.

As the day ended, our heroes boarded the train home, tired but triumphant, their hearts full of memories. Mrs. McNeil and Mr. Wood, proud of their team, knew this experience was a journey of growth, camaraderie, and unforgettable fun.

London, you’ve been conquered!