Ysgol Eirias Students Connect with Germany: A Live Classroom Exchange

The talented Year 8 German learners from Ysgol Eirias had an exciting opportunity recently. They were invited to participate in a Live Teams meeting with a Year 8 class of English learners from Germany. This meeting, facilitated by Frau Jones and Frau McNeil, connected the students of Ysgol Eirias with the Goethe Gymnasium school in Weiβenfels, Germany.

This collaboration stemmed from an inspiring penpal exchange program initiated by Frau Jones and Frau McNeil. Their aim was to enhance students' language skills and foster cultural understanding by connecting them with German peers. The program began with students exchanging letters, sharing basic information and favourite things. This initial interaction sparked excitement and curiosity among the learners.

As the exchange progressed, communication shifted to WhatsApp, allowing for more frequent and dynamic interaction. Lois, one of the participants, expressed how the experience enriched her understanding of other cultures and led to new friendships. Julia echoed this sentiment, noting the formation of a group chat and the emergence of new friendships.

Taking the exchange further, Frau Jones arranged a live Zoom lesson where students from both schools connected face-to-face. During this session, students were paired up with the challenge of finding out information about each other. Despite the novelty of the situation, they rose to the occasion, getting to know each other and sharing ideas and points of view with empathy and respect.

"We are incredibly proud of what our students have achieved," said Frau Jones. "This program has shown that even in a digital age, the simple act of writing a letter can build bridges between different cultures." School leaders have praised the initiative for promoting global citizenship and mutual respect.

Sehr gut Klasse 8!

This penpal exchange has proven that even simple acts of communication can build lasting bridges between cultures, bringing the world closer together.