Challenge 100

Over the course of Term 3 the pupils from Year 7 have been taking part in Challenge 100, a project that encourages teamwork, positive group dynamics, kindness, thoughtfulness, empathy, and creativity.

Pupils came up with ideas that would link to the number 100 and that would contribute to a charitable cause that was decided on by a vote.

Representatives from 7O created hedgehogs from recycled books. So far, they have raised over £120 and are still going with this wonderful idea.

7L held a summer raffle, a bake sale (outside of school), and collected coppers. Megan Jamieson from 7L said “As most pupils in year 7 know, this year all forms have planned fundraising activities to raise money for Ukraine Crisis and Action for Children. 7L have worked very hard to produce some fun activities for their challenge 100. Some learners in the form participated in baking cakes and selling them outside of school to bringing in prizes for a summer raffle. Mrs McNeil who is their form tutor also brought in a jar of coppers! Altogether 7L raised roughly £60. Congratulations to Jethro who won the summer raffle!

7Y did the copper challenge, collecting 1p and 2p’s, and a sponsored silence during registration and a pastoral! An incredible feat of patience from the pupils of 7Y. Lots of fun was had with a great effort from all with others completing their run over a few days. A special shout out to Finn and Harry for their 20 laps eachl

Pupils from 7B created bookmarks and were able to access professional media posters to sell which were created by a family member, big thank to Andy Fairhurst for his amazing artwork .

Pupils from 7W organised a sponsored walk and raised over £80.

All forms have been incredible in their efforts to show what it means to be an ethical citizen of the world. They were all compelled to do something to help those who could not help themselves. We are immensely proud of all their efforts.